Complementary Therapies

We offer a wide range of natural therapies that are available at Lomond Guest House.

Complementary Therapy at Lomond Guest HouseTreat yourself to one of our therapies while you enjoy stay at Lomond Guest House.

All treatments are available to residents and non residents. Treatments by appointment only.

If you do not see the therapy you wish listed below then please contact us with your request.

All therapies carried out by Jean Hughes CThA. Dip.AOSM.

Therapies also available to non-staying guests and corporate function visitors.

Our Treatment Room

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Zu Qigong - Foot Energy Work

A New gentle touch therapy.
"A Yin approach to counteract the Yang excesses of Western lifestyle."


Reiki is a Japanese word. Rei means ‘Universal Wisdom’ and Ki or (Chi) means ‘Life force Energy’ It is a safe, non intrusive, gentle hands on healing which channels the energy to balance, heal and harmonise body, mind and spirit. The client remains fully clothed throughout treatment.


Thermo-Auricular Theraapy (Hopi Ear Candles). This treatment can benefit irritations in the ear, sinusitis, headaches, migraines, ringing in the ears, mild hearing loss, excessive wax in the ears, and is also a very calming treatment for stress relief.


Acupressure Seated Massage. Information sheet available on request.

Immediate stress buster - quick (10,20 or 30 mins) refreshingly different - can be brought to you in the office/workplace,health clubs, fitness centres, publice events, trade shows in fact, - anywhere.#

Zahra (Hair Removal)

Based on ancient and traditional eastern techniques which nourish the skin as well as smoothing it, Zahra brings you a method of hair removal which surpasses any you have tried before.

Expertly trained in hair depilation, skincare & hygiene, your Zahra practitioner, Val Nicol, will remove all unwanted hair carefully, and effectively - whilst making you feel wonderfully refreshed!

Contact Details:

Val Nicol
Zahra Sugaring Practitioner
Lomond Guest House
6 Church Road

Tel: 01333 720227 or Mob: 07719 515097 / Email:

Therapies @ Lomond Guest House

All therapies carried out by:

Jean Hughes CThA. Dip.AOSM.
Lomond Guest House
6 Church Road, Leven. KY8 4JE

Tel : 07789486323 or use our contact form.